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If You Find Yourself at Canary Wharf Around Lunchtime, Dear Lord, Run Don’t Walk

Just trust me on this one. It is no fun to find yourself at Canada Square (the shopping area where the tube drops you off) and see the sea of ravenous business people heading your direction. It makes me shudder to think about it and I’ve only been so unlucky with my timing to experience this phenomenon twice.

In other news, it hailed today!


Real Estate Dreams: Butler’s Wharf

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Maybe I’ve been watching too many home improvement shows and and definitely too much of House Hunters International, but I want to live in a wharf so bad! These places are north of where I live and just directly south of Tower Bridge along the Thames (i.e. the holy grail of real estate.) I mean look at these views. Need I say more? Whoever comes to visit me next better come with a deposit in hand!