Study in the UK

Find a university:
This is by far the most difficult part of deciding to study in a foreign country, particularly in the UK which does not lack in internationally recognized/accredited universities. I suggest starting your search based on your intended route of study (IR, English, history, etc.) and any location(s) that you are particularly drawn towards (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, etc.) As a rule of thumb, know that universities with ‘metropolitan’ in their name (Manchester Met, London Met, etc.) are not viewed favourably in terms of name recognition. Note that universities in Scotland generally run degrees that are of four years as opposed to the typical three years throughout the rest of the UK. 

The Guardian University League Table
1994 Group
Russell Group
University of London

To apply to any and all universities in the UK you will need to go through UCAS, which is somewhat similar to the US Common Application except without the multiple essays. If you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge you may need to submit extra information directly to those schools so be sure to check exact requirements, for most other schools the UCAS application should suffice. The application consists of personal information (name, nationality, address, etc.), educational history, a personal statement, letter of recommendation, five schools to which the application will be sent, and the fee for the application.


Get through immigration:
It can be stressful having to apply for a visa for the first time. If you have received your unconditional offer from your university and have submitted all your paperwork (bank statements, FAFSA, photos, etc.) you will be fine. Trust me, you will be fine. Stop worrying.

British Council: Visa and Immigration
The British Embassy

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want a general chat about the whole process of finding a uni, applying, getting a visa, and making the big move. I don’t bite I promise!


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