You Name It, I’ve Done It — Liverpool St. Bathrooms

(Liverpool Street Station is a major tube stop on the Central line and also a National Rail station with trains going all over the country.)

Last year when I lived in halls one of East London’s main water pipes burst leaving us without water. What did a friend and I do? We rushed to Liverpool St. to have a wee and replenish our water supplies of course! Liverpool St. station is still east but it escaped the initial water lockdown (thank god!)

So, what else have I done in Liverpool St.’s bathrooms? It has oddly come to my attention that I’ve done just about everything in Liverpool St.’s bathrooms, and at 30p a visit mind you.

-I always meet a friend there when she comes to visit for some odd reason.
-I’ve wrote out cards and other correspondence that needed to be mailed, pronto, while sitting on the toilet (no, not in THAT way.)(Oh and I understand that this might seem weird, but I always buy my cards from the Paperchase at this station. No clue really.)
-I’ve nearly had a mental breakdown after the infamous Heathrow-epic-fail of December 18, 2010.
-I’ve seen someone go into labour.
-I’ve eaten a McD’s cheeseburger while sitting under the mirrors with friends after a night out.

Why Liverpool St.? Why ME?


One response to “You Name It, I’ve Done It — Liverpool St. Bathrooms

  1. Oh those bathrooms…… I got locked in them once during a bomb scare. We were waiting on a train to the airport and I justed popped in for a wee and apparently you can’t here the alarms down there! So the turnstyles locked, I finally gave up climbed over them and found the station completely deserted with alarms blaring and a bomb squad wearing metal sheet masks running around. haha.

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