(Not) Selling My Books

To the Lighthouse   $1.16

Water for Elephants   $4.61

Infidel   $.60

I have a lot of books. Even if we ignore the overflowing, bending, about-to-fall-over bookshelf and look at the boxes of books piled up in my closet I have a lot. At Cash4Books you can sell your books and make some extra money along the way.

As I started typing in the ISBN numbers and adding my books to the cart I think I started to die inside a little more every number. No, I am actually not exaggerating here.

At Ikea there’s a model living room with bookshelves up to the ceiling in lieu of an entertainment center with the t.v. in the middle. *sigh* It seems that I just can’t quite give up the dream of the apartment/condo/tent/house with bookshelves covering the walls.

This is also, admittedly, why I will never have a Kindle.  But then what do you do when you’re done reading? It just disappears into cyberspace?! Don’t you want some evidence around that you’ve read it?! Don’t you want to add it to the shelf?!

Indeed. Back to the shelves they go!


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