How to do Laundry European Style

#1. If you haven’t worn that shirt at least 3 times or those jeans about a bajillion times, kindly fold them back up and put them in the clean pile.

#2. Cram as much as you possibly can into a washer that is the size of a mini-fridge. Do not be discouraged; this is no easy task and takes months of practice before you can close the door on the first try.

#3. Wait approximately 2 1/2 hours for the wash cycle to finish. Proceed to turn on drying cycle to remove “dripping wet” effect.

#4. Remove literally steaming clothes from the washer after an 1 1/2 hours of annoying, constant whirring and squeaking noises. DO NOT burn your hands.

#5. Proceed toward the drying rack with your steaming ball of fabric.

#6. Attempt to drape clothes in a way that all the clothes can fit. Remove underwear as it is usually the only thing that is dry.

#7. In winter, drape anything leftover or that you need kinda soon over a radiator. In summer, hang it out the window/balcony/on the drying line and proceed to wait 2 days for thorough drying.

*If you forget your clothes outside and it, invariably, rains you do not pass GO and must start again from step #2.  😥

Good luck!


2 responses to “How to do Laundry European Style

  1. This made me laugh. The photo is great. Was it your handiwork? I am looking at a European washing machine again as I am moving from the US to Moldova next week. I lived in Armenia for a number of years and had a very nice German washer and dryer. I must say though, that cramming in your laundry is not the way to go 😉 but it is annoying to hear the thing grind away for hours on end. When finished, I just moved it over to the dryer and bingo, dry clothes. None of my family in Holland uses drying racks anymore. Very old hat. What’s up with that in Germany??

    That said, my American washer doesn’t do half as good a job at cleaning my clothes. Of course it only takes less than an hour . . . And really, I should be wearing an apron when cooking 😉

  2. Yes, it was.
    The drying rack as kind of grown on me. I’ll definitely be purchasing one when I move back home for good!

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