Everyone Thinks They’re an Expert on the USA, part 1

The first installment where I sound off on the silly things, and sometimes downright wrong things, people say about the US and Americans.


“…but you’re so skinny for an American!” (from a person I had just been introduced to)  *scowls* Uh…thanks? I can’t tell you how many people generally mean this as a compliment. It’s one thing to think it in your head, but to actually say it out loud, to an actual American?! Where are your manners! I could never imagine saying to someone I had met for the very first time that “Wow, for a French woman your armpits are remarkably well groomed!” It’s rude to project your own stereotype onto someone, well, only someone that isn’t an American apparently.

Never mind the fact that obesity is a world-wide epidemic and not just an American one, and that the Brits have now overtaken the Germans as the fattest of the Europeans. Here’s a list of the world’s fattest nations. The number one place might surprise you!


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